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QHow do I know what to do with all this stuff, what do I keep, what do I throw away?


AThe staff at LL Auctions will be more then happy to come out and do a confidential, no fee consultation for you. We can assess your belongings and explain the auction process, so that you can comfortably make a decision that you feel good about.


QWhat kind of auction merchandise do you accept:


AWe sell a variety of items, including antiques, collectables, art, vehicles, equipment and general household merchandise. We conduct charity benefit auctions, and business liquidations as well. If your situation isn't appropriate for our services we can recommend a professional auction company that can handle your merchandise.

QDo I bring the items to you, or do you pick the items up?


AWe can arrange for pick up of item(s), please have a detailed description or photo of items when contacting us.


QCan I put a minimum price on an item?


AThis can be discussed on a per item basis. Depending on the item, the desirability of it, and the minimum you desire.  Must be approved by LL Auctions prior to the close of the auction. If your reserve results in you buying your item back, you will be charged a 20% No-sale Fee.


QHow quickly do I receive payment after the auction?


AAuction paperwork records are meticulously kept and mailed to you along with your commission check for items sold the day after the auction


QWhat is the commission rate for items consigned at auction?


APlease contact us for this information. We will be more then happy to detail this for you.



Selling at Auctions

Q: I have never been to an auction, if I wave or sneeze I don't want to go home with a sofa. What can I expect?


AWhile our auctions are quick paced, rest assured, we will not intimidate you or take your bid only because you blinked. We strive to make our auctions friendly and easy to understand to the first time attendee.


QHow do I know when and where your next auction will be?


ASimply, click on the "add me to your mail list" link on this website and we will e mail you or send you notifications of all auctions that we conduct. We recommend adding to your address book or list of accepted sites to prevent blocking or filtering. You can also bookmark our upcoming events page for the latest auction schedule.


QWhat do I do when I get to the auction, how do I bid?


ASign up at the registration table and you will receive a bidder number. We then encourage you to look over all the items closely. Remember, all auction items are sold as is, where is, so it is your responsibility to look over the items carefully. When the auction begins and you are ready to bid, just simply hold that number up high, so that the auctioneer and staff will be able to see your bid. Our action staff will be happy to assist you and answer any questions that you might have.


QIs a preview time available?


AYes, there is always ample preview time available for you to look over the items and become familiar with all the treasures that will be sold during the auction.


QIf I preview and see something that I want to bid on, but am unable to attend the auction, can I place an absentee bid?


AYes, contact the auctioneer or registration staff during preview time, you will be given a special form to fill out with the item number, description and the maximum amount that you are willing to pay. Then, during the auction, the auctioneer will bid on your behalf, up to, but not over the designated maximum amount. Certain auctions may have online absentee or real time bidding available as well. This will be noted in the auction information on our website.


Q: What form of payment is accepted?


AWe gladly accept cash, approved check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover. All items must be paid for the day of the auction.


QDo I need to remove my items the day of the auction, or can they be picked up at a later date?


AEach auction is different, while most auctions require that all items purchased be removed day of sale, this is dependent upon the venue that the auction is held at. If there is a problem removing your items day of sale, please inquire before the auction if any special arrangements will be available for later pick up.

QWill there be someone there to help me load up my purchases?


AOur staff is available and happy to help you load up and assist you with your new found treasures. We do not supply tie down materials, but usually have an ample supply of packaging material and some boxes for the more delicate items. Simply ask any of our staff and they will be more then happy to assist you.


QHow do I participate in your online auctions?


AClick on our online auction link, then click on "register". You will be able to set your own unique user name and password to bid in any of our online auctions. Online auction terms and conditions are different than the ones posted below. Please read them carefully and feel free to contact us directly should you have any questions before registering or bidding.

Buying at Auctions
  • All items are sold as is, where is. No guarantees are expressed or implied. Once an item is called sold, you are the owner and are responsible for it.

  • It is the buyers responsibility to inspect all items prior to bidding. No refunds.

  • All payment must be made day of sale. Payment may be made by, cash, approved check, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover.

  • All items must be removed day of sale, unless otherwise noted, or special provisions have been made.

  • All announcements auction day, by auctioneer, take precedence over all prior releases, verbal or written, concerning this sale.

  • In case of tie bid, the bidding may be reopened at the auctioneers discretion between the two tie bidders.

  • Absentee bids, and online bids are legal and binding and the winning bidder must pay for the item(s) in full.

  • Buyers premium may be charged and will be added to the final bid amount before sales tax.

  • All sales are taxable, unless exempt from such, or a proper sales tax resale permit has been filled out.

  • LL Auctions shall not be responsible in any manner for any type of damages, caused in whole or in part, by the packing, loading or transporting of any items once they have been purchased by the buyer.

  • Decisions of the auctioneer are final.

  • Buyer agrees upon registration to be bound by the terms and conditions of this sale.

Terms & Condition of Auctions

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We specialize in live & on-line auctions across the country, large or small, we sell it all!
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Frequently Asked Questions

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What does LL Auctions do?

How do I know when your next auction will be?

What are your Hours?

How do I request tax exempt status?

How do I ADD A NEW payment method?

How do is UPDATE a payment method?

How do I remove an outdated card from my profile?

I need to change / update my address.

I wish to be removed from your email list.



How do I register to become a bidder?

How do I view the items to be auctioned?

What are your Bidding Increments?

Are there any other fees aside from my bid?

How does bidding on firearms work?

How does setting a max bid work?

Can you disclose the reserve?

How do I take off a bid? I accidentally placed a bid or placed a bid higher than intended.

Why do you combine multiple items into a single lot?



Will I get a certificate of authenticity with my item?

I am missing an item from my lot.

My item was broken/chipped or I received an item that doesn't work.

What caliber is this ammunition?

Did I win something? 



What form of payments are accepted?

How can I request to pay by cash?

Do I get a discount for cash payments?

Payment options for high cost items if I can’t pay by  cash or  card?

Can you hold off charging my credit card until XYZ date?

Can you charge a different card?



What Is Your Pick Up Policy for Items I have won?

Why do you not provide assistance in loading items to my vehicle?

Can someone else pick up my items?

Can I pick up early? (Thursdays)

Is a preview time available? Can I preview an item before I bid?

Can I preview the firearm?



How can I request shipping?

How do I pay for my shipping?

How can I request for my items to be delivered?

How do I pay for delivery?

What can and canNOT be shipped?

How long does shipping take?/When can I expect my package?

Can I send you a prepaid shipping label?

What is the status of my shipped item(s)?

How is shipping calculated?

Can I get a quote on how much shipping will cost?

Can we ship to ______ city/state?

How much insurance is automatically applied to the item shipped?

How do I add insurance beyond the minimum added to my package?

My item was damaged during shipping, what can be done?



How Do I Sell Items with you?

Do I bring the items to you, or do you pick the items up?

What is your pick-up policy for items I want to consign with you that I need picked up?

Why do we ask for a minimum of 10 items  when consigning with us?

Where is my check? How/when do I get my check?

I saw my items listed a second time online after they sold. Why?

Can I get my totes back when I drop off items to consign/sell?

Will I get a heads up when you're on the way to pick up my items to sell?

Do we sell clothing?

Can I put a minimum price on an item?

What is the commission rate you charge to consign items with LL Auctions?

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