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About Us

LL Auctions is a family owned and operated company. We employ the best means possible to sell your items including an extensive client mailing list and heavy focus on advertising and networking ensuring that each auction is marketed in such a manner as to bring the best of buyers and sellers together. We are a full time, full service Texas auction company. We are experts at organizing, preparing and displaying merchandise to maximize its interest and appeal. 

Back Story :
The Journey of LL Auctions

In 2004, Lisa laid the foundation of LL Auctions, nurturing it with dedication and vision. Fast forward to 2016, a pivotal year marked by a unique opportunity brought to us by a good friend and mentor, Chuck Gussler. Seeing a perfect fit, Chuck recommended that James take over the reins of LL Auctions. 

James and Kristine prayed if buying LL Auctions would be best for them and their future. A moment of clarity came during a road trip to a wedding, as an Andy Stanley sermon resonated with them, providing the peace and reassurance they needed to move forward with LL Auctions. 

Now, as we stand in 2024, we look back at seven fruitful years and over 400 successful auctions. LL Auctions has flourished—growing, relocating, and expanding in ways we had only imagined. We’ve streamlined our processes, widened our reach, and have more exciting plans on the horizon.

We owe a heartfelt thank you to our loyal customers and consignors who have been instrumental in our journey. Your trust and support fuel our motivation to maintain a business rooted in integrity and transparency. We’re here to make your buying and selling experience easy and confident, ensuring that choosing LL Auctions is always the right decision.

The Leaders
Who Started It All


James Gregory

James graduated from Texas Auction Academy in Dallas, TX and  Texas A&M Maritime Academy. He is a license ship captain, but has hung up his captain's hat for the exciting life of auctions. James and his wife, Kristine, took over the reins of LL Auctions from former owner Lisa Gay with the core values in business of integrity and giving 110%. James's joy for entrepreneurship started at a young age of only six with selling pecans he cracked himself and convincing his middle school friends how necessary it was to buy one of his locks for their lockers. He then went on to excel at buying, remodeling and selling Cars, Trucks, Boats and Motorcycles for profit. Together, James and Kristine are building a legacy to pass on to their two children, who  you recognize from LL Auctions’ Facebook and Instagram pages.  In every chapter of his journey, James’s heart has been anchored in the reliance on God, the thrill of opportunity, and the fulfillment found in each entrepreneurial voyage.


Kristine Gregory

Kristine is James’ wife, mom to Graycen & Laurel, Co-owner and is all-things-behind the scenes at LL Auctions. She received her Doctorate in Pharmacy from the University of Texas in Austin College and was recognized for her international efforts through the Excellence in Patient Care award. Those international efforts started as 25+ Medical Mission trips in college which later developed into founding her own 501c3 nonprofit, Be the Change Global Outreach, Inc.(BTC). BTC provided free medical and dental care to the Philippines and Myanmar through medical missions and a full time diabetes clinic in the town she was born in the Philippines. However, the tides of time, marked by the global sweep of COVID and the joyous arrival of her children, prompted a pause in operations. She works part time as a pharmacist and is constantly learning how to wear many hats in life (marketing, business management, accounting, etc.) She is not afraid to dive into the unknowns in life because she knows God is guiding every step. She has traveled all 7 continents, cherishes time with her husband & kids, loves listening to audiobooks, thrift shopping & traveling.



Lisa Gay

The Original Founder, Lisa Gay, a graduate of Southeastern School of Auctioneering in South Carolina and holds Texas Auctioneer License. She serves on the Board of Directions as Texas Auctioneers Association President (the female President in the 52-year history of the Association) and is an active member of the National Auctioneers Association, serving on the "Auctioneer" Magazine editorial board.

Our Values

God at the Center of it All

At LL Auctions, our business is more than transactions and services—it's a mission rooted in faith. We believe in putting God at the center of all we do, guiding us with wisdom and integrity, every step of the way. This unwavering commitment is the compass that directs our business practices, our relationships with customers, and our interactions within the community.

Transparency and Trust in Every Transaction

At LL Auctions, we stand by the belief that transparency fosters trust. This principle is at the heart of our operation, ensuring you're informed and confident at every step. Whether it's clear communication on how your items are presented or honest insights into the auction process, we’re here to demystify the journey and empower you with knowledge.

Commitment to Our Customers

Our commitment to you is unwavering. The same integrity and transparency that have been our foundation are reflected in our practices today. We endeavor to ensure that your experience with LL Auctions is nothing short of exceptional. Every process, system, and innovation is designed with your ease and confidence in mind.

Innovation in Accessibility

Our innovative online auction platform is designed to break down geographical barriers, offering nationwide accessibility that traditional selling methods can't match. This means your items are not just seen but have the potential to be desired by a larger, more diverse audience. Our value of innovation is about expanding reach and creating opportunities that traditional platforms overlook.

Expertise and Excellence

We bring our professional expertise to bear on every aspect of the auction process, from strategic item grouping and professional photography to comprehensive shipping and delivery services. Our commitment to excellence ensures that we handle your items with the utmost care and present them in a way that maximizes their value.

Community and Connection

LL Auctions values the sense of community and connection that comes from bringing buyers and sellers together in a vibrant marketplace. We cherish the relationships built through our platform and are committed to providing a space where every transaction is part of a larger story of shared success.

Simplified Selling, Amplified Results

Our dedication to simplifying the selling process while amplifying your results sets us apart. From the moment you decide to sell with us, we manage the intricate details, from item collection to final sale, transforming what can often be a stressful experience into one that is seamless and satisfying.

Embracing the Future

As we continue to grow and evolve, our values remain constant. LL Auctions is a forward-looking company, embracing the future of selling with an unwavering commitment to service, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence.



Very nice. Employees were helpful. Will allow you to see what will show up on the next auction.

I have been bidding on items for about 8 years now. I've won some remarkable items from antiques to jewelry. Lots of great deals.


Easy transaction through HiBid. Got back to me about questions very quickly. Thank you!



AWESOME place and people!! They do all they can to make your experience enjoyable. If you need help, they're there. If you just want to browse, you're free to do so. It's online bidding, but you can visually check out the auctions items prior to the set bidding time. They also auction your items, if you need and will pick them up for you


Great value and items for sale. The selection is vast and it's priced to move. The service from the site and employees is wonderful.


I have always been treated fairly by the owners of this business both when selling with them and when buying from them. The staff is always friendly and helpful with you to date knowledge on their hundreds of weekly items. You can find some great deals here on rare antiques and hard to find collectibles.


Home away from home for us. We use this place to auction off items we have purchased in storage lockers and I must say they are the friendliest and always returns calls and emails.


Love these people! Very friendly. They make us feel special by remembering our names . . . and that takes some effort because they deal with LOTS of people!


Love the online auctions. Lots of different stuff to bid on and the final cost is so worth winning a item. Easy to use . James is very helpful to me when I decided to join.

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LL Auctions has conducted successful on-line auctions sine 2004 and is ready to do the same for you. Whether you are a bidder, seller or both with us, we look forward to providing you the best buying/selling experience possible!

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