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Shopping from the comfort of your own home has never been easier! Follow these quick and easy steps to purchase your next treasure. Happy Bidding!

Welcome to LL Auctions, where bidding and buying are streamlined for a delightful and effortless experience! We have cultivated a user-friendly process that enables you to discover and buy treasures from the comfort of your home. Our organized system, complete with informative guides and responsive support, ensures that every phase, from browsing to winning bids to payment, unfolds with convenience and clarity. Dive into the exciting world of auctions, and let us guide you through a journey marked by simplicity and satisfaction.

How to Get Started

How to Get Started

Visit Bidding Website

Register to Bid

Take a look around

Never Miss an Auction

Never Miss an Auction

Never Miss
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See Featured

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Set an alarm for the Item's Ending Time

Receive all the

The Bidding Process

The Bidding Process

Make a Wishlist

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Place a Bid or Max Bid
All bids start at only $2!

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Preview Items

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Win Highest Bid!

Buying Firearms

Buying Firearms

Trust & Compliance

At LL Auctions, we understand that purchasing a firearm is a significant decision that comes with serious responsibilities. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and regulatory compliance in every sale.

Assurance of Legality & Safety


We rigorously follow all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to firearm sales.

FFL Handling

All firearms are managed by licensed Federal Firearms License (FFL) dealers, with a background check and the necessary paperwork completed by the FFL dealer before the firearm is released to the buyer.

For those interested in purchasing a firearm, please click the button below for an in-depth guide on what to expect, necessary steps, and important legal information.

Post-Auction Process

Post-Auction Process
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Receive UNPAID Invoice

To Email on file

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Request to Pay By Cash

By Thurs 1pm or card on file will be charged

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Receive PAID Invoice

Once card payment clears

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Pick up Items

Or Request Shipping

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Shipping is Mailed

Please confirm your shipping address listed on invoice

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Shipping is Charged

Card on file will be charged

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Leave us a GOOGLE Review

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Provide us Honest Feedback

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Leave us a YELP

Understanding Bidders Scores

Bidders Scores

At LL Auctions, we value transparency and cooperation within our online bidding community. Bidders Scores are an integral part of ensuring a smooth and fair auction experience for everyone. Here's what you need to know:

What is a Bidders Score?

Online Auction Houses, including LL Auctions, use Bidders Scores as a way to communicate and evaluate bidder behavior. These scores can be affected when bidders fail to fulfill their commitments, such as not paying, not communicating, or exhibiting difficult behavior during the auction process.

Negative Implications

of a Low Bidders Score

If a bidder's score falls below a certain threshold due to repeated issues like non-payment or other difficulties, it can have several negative consequences:

  • Bidder Restrictions: A low score may result in the need for a bidder to request permission to bid on items in our auctions.

  • Limited Participation: Bidders with low scores may find that their requests for bidding permissions are overlooked or not granted promptly.

  • Bidder Restrictions

  • Limited Participation

Protecting Your Bidders Score

To ensure a positive auction experience and maintain a good Bidders Score:

  • Always follow through with your commitments, including paying for and picking up items promptly.

  • Communicate with us if you encounter any issues or need assistance.

  • Adhere to the Terms and Conditions you agreed to upon registering for our auctions.

  • Prompt Payment

  • Terms & adherence

Item Pick up & Payment Policy

Please note that LL Auctions follows a strict item pickup and payment policy.


Items are considered abandoned if not picked up by the specified deadline.


Failure to settle pending payments and retrieve items can negatively affect your Bidders Score and impact your ability to participate in future auctions, not only with LL Auctions but also with other Hibid Auctions.

  • Policy & Deadlines

  • Abandonment & Penalties

Take Action

If you receive a notification regarding pending payments or abandoned items, we encourage you to take action promptly. You can contact us to authorize alternative payment methods or schedule an appointment for item pickup.

We value your participation in our auctions and look forward to maintaining a positive and cooperative online auction community. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team.

Never Miss an Auction

Never Miss
An Auction (20) (1).gif

See Featured

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Set an alarm for the Item's Ending Time

Receive all the

Have More Questions

Have More Questions?

Visit our FAQ Page 

For Answer to These Common BUYING/BIDDING Questions

  • Add/Delete/Update Payment On File

  • Can someone else pick up my item?

  • Can you help me load my item?

  • Can I pick up my item earlier than Friday?

  • What are the Bidding Increments?

  • Can you remove my bid?

  • Can I Preview a Firearm?

  • What can and cannot be shipped?

  • Can I send you a pre-paid shipping label?

  • How do I change my address on file?




My family and I LOVE this auction house. Definitely take advantage of the ability to walk through and look at the items the weekend before. We own a small boutique in League city that upcycles and we love that we are getting a lot of our items from LL! Small business supporting small business!

If you need to furnish your home, get craft supplied or just a new piece of jewelry on the cheap, this is the place to do it. The staff is always friendly and helpful.

We love this auction site. The people are precious. They work hard and always seem to be really efficient. Love the auctions!! On line and pick up in person.




It's a great auction that offers more antiques and some useful items, i definitely recommend you take a look at their website. There are some things for everyone. Also their customer service is awesome. They are always nice.


Good people, good service their online Auction is pretty good and fair in the pics and the descriptions.

League City, TX

I've purchased several items from LL Auctions, and have been very pleased with every transaction. I've been able to furnish and decorate so many parts of my home for a reasonable price, thanks to this online auction house. I even bought my refrigerator from them! The owners are so kind, involved, and hard working. I highly recommend LL Auctions for furniture, art, decorations, collectibles, and appliances. Thank you so much to the LL Team for making each of my experiences a pleasant one! :)


Great selection, always great deals. I feel like I'm Indiana Jones when I walk around here. Always something cool and new!

They are a great auction house ..I have bought from them several times.. and will definitely do it again. Thank you, very much.

Great selection of everything you may want or need at unbelievable prices. It's easy to get the highest bid, and take home your treasures.



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