Our Services

When you contract with LL Auctions to conduct the sale of your items at auction, we provide:

  • Very "hands on" merchandise cleaning  

  • Strategic and appealing item display

  • Tagging and inventory of each item

  • Professional staff to assist buyers

  • Quick and concise payment

  • Record of items sold

LL Auctions make for a fast paced and unique blend of business and entertainment.  There are usually very few unsold items and no clean up for you to handle. Let your auctioneer deal with the stress, while you sit back and enjoy the "show"!

We would be more then happy to assist you in making a decision that you feel good about. Our job is to make certain that you are comfortable with the auction process when it comes to dispersing of items. We can meet with you and answer any questions you might have in regards to the auction method of marketing



We can arrange to pick up an item(s)  that you would like to consign to us for sale at auction. Please have as much information available when you contact us in regards to item or types of items, or feel free to e-mail us a description or digital picture of what you would like for us to auction for you.


LL Auctions employees a professional graphics analyst to do ad layouts and advertising materials to best promote each individual auction. We have an extensive mailing list and research collector clubs, trade publications and nationwide databases to bring the best possible prospective bidders to your auction.

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