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Your go-to place to buy & sell Lightly Loved Baby, Kid & Maternity items!

Are you nodding along?

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Overstuffed Storage?

Piles of kids' clothes that tell a story of growth spurts and seasons passed.

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Maternity Gear?

Those once-essential items now idle, gathering dust.

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Time? Who has it?

The mere thought of photographing, listing, and haggling feels like a second job you didn't sign up for.

If you're silently saying, "That's me,"
you're exactly where you need to be.

Welcome to Lightly Loved Auctions!

Hey there!

I'm Kristine, a fellow parent navigating the whirlwind of growth spurts, playdates, and all those "never-worn" tags on clothes that somehow, our kids skipped a size to miss. If you're like me, your home is a treasure trove of memories in the form of outgrown onesies, once-loved toys, and maternity wear that you're parting with a touch of nostalgia.
Let's be real – the thought of sorting, snapping pics, and posting each tiny sock or toy online is daunting. And the "is this available?" messages without follow-through?

PXL_20230502_163143823 (1).jpg

No thank you.

This is precisely why we at LL Auctions, which my husband and I have proudly co-owned and grown into a trusted auction house since 2016, are excited to unveil our newest endeavor tailored for parents: the Lightly Loved Auction.

Imagine a place where you can send off your gently used baby, kid, and maternity items, not just to find a new home but to start new stories. Where every unsold piece is a donation in waiting, ready to bring joy to another family.

Exciting News: We have officially launched!

Here is what we are about:

  • No Hassle Selling: We photograph, we list, we sell. You get the check. It's that simple.

  • Community: A circle of parents who get it, offering up what we no longer need & finding what we do.

  • Heart and Simplicity: We know your time is precious. We've created a process that respects that – no haggling, no guesswork.

Our weekly auctions are a ritual for our community of over 15,000 bidders. And now, we're channeling this energy into Lightly Loved Auctions, where our children's past favorites become part of another child's future joys.

So, if you're ready to declutter without the stress, to pass on the love without the hassle, and to discover the next treasures for your little ones – you're home.

With warmth and a shared understanding,

Kristine Gregory
Co-Owner of LL Auctions &
Parent Just Like You

Kristine Gregory

Snoo or Pick TWO
Give Away
Launch Celebration

Prize Option #1


A Lightly Loved Snoo

+ 7 Snoo Sleep Sacs

Prize Option #2

Your choice of TWO of the Following:

-Bounce and Play- 20 Visit Pass 

-Galveston Children's Museum- Membership 

-Houston Zoo- Family & Friends Membership 

-Houston Children Museum- Thinker Membership 

-Houston Swim Club- Two Weeks of Lessons 

-Little Gym- 2 month Basic Package

-Baby Love- 3D/4D/HD 28-36 Weeks Ultrasound 

How to Enter

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Like the Give Away Post

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Follow Us @llauctions

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Tag 5 Friends

Our Legacy of Trust

As pioneers in the auction industry since 2004, LL Auctions has been the backdrop for an extensive variety of treasures finding their new  homes.

Why Trust Us

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Established Expertise

Nearly two decades of successful, diverse auctions under our belt.

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Proven Trust

A loyal community of over 15,000 bidders who rely on our dedication and transparency.

Who's Ideal for Selling with Lightly Loved Auctions?

You have tried selling the items yourself

To maximize your returns and avoid LL Auction’s Commission fee

You do not
have the time

You planned to sell it yourself, but lack the time or desire.

You were going straight to donating

You just need your space back and less clutter ASAP!

You want access to our buyer networks

To create a competitive buying environment

Sell with Us

Choose a convenient way to consign your items.
Select an option below that best suits your preference.



Schedule a time to bring your items to our warehouse.



Arrange for us to pick up your items.



Not sure yet? We're here to help you decide.

Turn Clutter into Opportunity

Escape the
Chaos of Selling

Say goodbye to the overwhelming tasks of sorting, photographing, and pricing your items—Lightly Loved Auctions handles it all for you.

Effortless Organizing

We take the pain out of preparing your items for sale, freeing you from the exhaustive process that often leads to nowhere.

Fair Pricing, No Guesswork

With Lightly Loved Auctions, you'll never have to haggle with buyers again. We eliminate the uncertainty of pricing, ensuring your items are sold fairly without the back-and-forth negotiations.

Avoid Marketplace Mayhem

Dodge the clutter of endless "for sale" posts in overcrowded mom groups & Scammers. Our community offers a streamlined, targeted approach to sell your items effectively.

Here’s Why You’ll Love Our Auction

For our Sellers

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Easy Listing Process

We handle the photography and listings for you.

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Easy Listing Process

We handle the photography and listings for you.

Royal Blue 2.png

Focused Audience

Your items are showcased to a community actively seeking what you offer.

Royal Blue 3.png


Say goodbye to constant messaging and haggling. Set your reserve price, and we take care of the rest.

For our Buyers

Royal Blue 1.png

Curated Selection

Find quality baby, kid, and maternity items without wading through unrelated listings.

Royal Blue 2.png


Everything you need for your growing child, from clothing to toys, is all in one place.

Royal Blue 3.png

Smart Shopping

Enjoy the thrill of bidding in a user-friendly environment, where you can score great deals on the items your family needs.

What is your Opinion?

Historically, our LL Auction begins to close at 7pm every Wednesday Evening. There is 30 seconds between each item, so the last item typically closes around 10 pm.


As a mom myself, I get that isn’t ideal for our Lightly Loved Auction


We are considering 10 am to start the close of the auction, which will put the last time selling around 1pm.


What do you suggest?

How It Works :Consigning

Selling Made Simple

Gather Your Items

Find quality baby, kid, and maternity items without wading through unrelated listings.

Contact Us

Contact us to arrange a drop-off or pick-up.

We Do the Rest

We’ll handle the listings, answer the questions, and find the buyers.

How It Works :Buying

Buying Made Simple

Browse Collections

Look through our curated auctions to find what you need or fall in love with something unexpected.

Place Your Bids

Enjoy a seamless bidding process, with clear information and fair starting prices.

Win & Smile

Collect your wins from our convenient location or opt for hassle-free shipping to your home.

Fee Transparency

These are the only fees you can expect as a Consignor/Seller:
Royal Blue 1.png

Reserves Listing Fee

Per lot: Only applicable if you set a Reserve and your Reserve is not met.

Royal Blue 2.png

Lot Listing Fee

$1 per Lot Listed

Royal Blue 3.png

Commission Rate

Based on how hands-ON or hands-OFF you want to be.

(Learn more below!)

Perks of Being Hands-on

Have the time to list the items yourself, but want to tap into our extensive pool of ready-to-buy bidders?

Then you are in for a treat!


Hands-On = Discounts!


Our Lightly Loved Consignors can unlock discounts for the following:

-Drop off or ship your items to us-

-Photographing your own items-

-Describing your own items-

-Separating items by size-


Your consigning experience is completely customizable.

Plus we have detailed guides for each customizable option!

New Territory

This customizable experience is new territory for us.


Our consignors are used to getting their items to us and we handled the rest. But because we value and respond to feedback, we have introduced hand-on options that offer discounts, empowering consignors to optimize their returns as they see fit.


It's important to note that the option to describe and photograph your own items is a new process for us. As we navigate this together, please be aware that there may be some adjustments needed along the way.

Additional Transparency

At LL Auctions, transparency isn't just a buzzword—

It's a commitment.


We strive to uphold this value by providing you with an itemized and detailed Consignor Report for every sale. This report meticulously outlines what items sold for, along with the corresponding amounts and how they were described.


***We send this report directly to your email, so it's crucial to ensure we have the correct email on file for you. Remember to check your spam folder to ensure you don't miss out on this valuable insight into your sales journey.

What is my Commission Rate?

The most popular question we receive
We have created a fun and quick quiz you can take that enables you to tailor your Consigning Experience, followed by the Commission rate!

Feel free to retake the quiz to tweak your customization and observe its impact on your commission rate.

Join the Community

Whether you’re decluttering or gearing up for the next size up, our Lightly Loved Auction's platform is designed with you in mind. Become a part of our growing community where every transaction is a connection, every item has a story, and every win is a moment of joy.

Choose a convenient way to consign your items.
Select an option below that best suits your preference.



Schedule a time to bring your items to our warehouse.



Arrange for us to pick up your items.



Not sure yet? We're here to help you decide.

Get Started Today

Ready to simplify your life and reclaim your space? Let us help you with that. 

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