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Auction Schedule

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Welcome to LL Auctions! To help you navigate our auction process seamlessly, we've outlined our weekly schedule. This clear, day-by-day guide is here to provide you with all the necessary timelines and deadlines.

Monday RoyalBlue.png

Shipping Day

  • Items won in the previous auction and requested for shipping are typically mailed out.

  • This shifts to Tuesday if Monday is a holiday.

Tuesday RoyalBlue.png

Shipping Cost Charge

  • Cards on file are typically charged for shipping costs.

  • This is a separate charge from the payment for won items.


Auction Closing Day

LL Auctions starts going offline @ 7pm

Lightly Loved starts going offline @ 10am

New Auction Live

The next auction goes live every Wednesday night.

Officially Launched!

  • Our exclusive Baby-Kid-Maternity Auctions!

  • Our aim is to have a dedicated auction every Wednesday, closing at 10 AM

Thursday RoyalBlue.png

Payment & Shipping Requests

For cash payments or shipping requests for won items, please notify us by 1 PM. 

Friday RoyalBlue.png

Pick-Up, Preview, & Consignor Check Day

  • Items can be picked up and upcoming auctions previewed online from 10 AM to 5 PM.

  • Consignor checks from the previous week are typically mailed out.

  • However, if preferred, consignors can opt to collect their checks at the warehouse during the pick-up hours.

Saturday RoyalBlue.png

Final Pick-Up, Preview, Consignor Check Day

  • Last chance for item pick-up and consignor check collection is from 9 AM to 1 PM.

  • Items not picked up or arrangements not made will have their items considered abandoned.

Sell with Us!

To ensure a smooth consignment process, please schedule your item drop-offs in advance. This allows us to prepare space for your items and ensures that our team is available to assist you at the warehouse. Or we can come to you and load-up your items!



Schedule a time to bring your items to our warehouse.



Arrange for us to pick up your items.



Not sure yet? We're here to help you decide.

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