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Let us know when you score a great deal or purchase a rare find! Tell us about how the gems you bought have brighten your life. We would love to hear how smooth the consignment process was or how our staff went above and beyond for you. 


Fill out the form below to schedule an appointment to Drop off or have us  pick up your items. Then sit back and relax as we clean, photo, describe and put your items in front of our 15,000 registered bidders. Then you receive an itemized list of what sold at what amount and a check with YOUR name on it!


YOU hold the key to showing us our blind spots through providing feedback. And we actually do something with the feedback YOU provide! So please share and help us improve the experience for both our bidders and consignors.


It is easy, fun & exciting. Be sure to set an alarm for EVERY Wednesday @ 6:50 pm to never miss out on great finds each week! (Another tip: Set alarms throughout bidding to ensure you don't miss out on your item!) Happy Bidding!

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