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We specialize in online auctions:

Large or small, we sell it all!



We can sell your items via consignment by getting your items in front of an extensive list of enthusiastic online buyers!


How It Works



LL Auctions conducts a wide range of professionally managed online Texas  Auctions. Bid & Buy from the comfort of your home or office.

LL Auctions provides a great online website to showcase your items for sale to thousands of potential buyers for a nominal charge.

Mark Your Calendar


A new auction goes live EVERY Wednesday
Previous LL auction closes at 7pm EVERY Wednesday
**The 1st Lightly Loved Auction closes at 10 am on  Wednesday May 29th***


Never Miss An Auction 

What We Sell

  • Antiques 

  • Electronics

  • Home décor

  • Guns


  • Jewelry

  • Furniture

  • Appliances

  • Collectibles


  • Tools

  • Crystal

  • Automobiles

  • Coins


  • Stamps

  • Boats

  • Motorcycles

  • Toys

  • Household Items

  • Industrial equipment


You name it, we probably sell it!



For Our General LL Auctions


  • Clothes

  • Shoes

  • Bikes

  • Gliders


  • Books & Toys

  • Feeding Gear

  • Nursing Gear

  • Monitors


  • Bouncers

  • Potty Chairs

  • Strollers

  • High Chairs


  • Wagons

  • Kitchen Sets

  • Diaper Bags

  • Ball Pits

  • Shower Essentials

  • Outdoor Equipment


For Our Lightly Loved Auctions


Officially Launched!


Baby Auction Logo.png

Your go-to place to buy & sell Lightly Loved baby, kid & maternity items!

Benefits of Selling With Us

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Urgency Creation

The auction setup naturally creates a sense of urgency, motivating buyers to act swiftly and bid actively.

Bidding Wars

Encouraging a competitive atmosphere that can help your items achieve their maximum potential value.


In-Depth Knowledge

Utilize our profound experience and industry insights to get the best out of your auction.

Professional Guidance

Rest easy knowing that experts meticulously handle each item, ensuring it is presented and marketed optimally.



We handle all aspects, from cleaning and photographing to marketing and selling, making the process seamless for you.

Complete Service

Experience a full suite of services ensuring that every aspect of the selling process is managed professionally.

Unlimited Potential

No Price Cap

Unlike estate sales, there is no upper limit set, allowing your items to sell for their true market value.

Competitive Bidding

Foster a competitive bidding environment where bidding wars can escalate the value of your items.


Open Process

Witness the auction process and see exactly how much your items are selling for, ensuring complete transparency and honesty.

Clear Communication

Stay informed and receive comprehensive details about the sales process and the performance of your items.


Tailored Options

Choose between various consignment options like drop-offs or pickups to suit your convenience and preferences.


Our processes are designed to be as accommodating and straightforward as possible, prioritizing your ease and satisfaction.

Sell with Us

Choose a convenient way to consign your items.
Select an option below that best suits your preference.



Schedule a time to bring your items to our warehouse.



Arrange for us to pick up your items.



Not sure yet? We're here to help you decide.

Consignment Services

  • "Hands-on" Merchandise Cleaning & Testing

  • Strategic Item Grouping to Maximize Value

  • Tagging & Inventory of Each Item

  • Appealing Item Display& Arrangement

  • Professional Photography of Each Item

  • Marketing, Research & Networking

  • Connect Buyers with Sellers

  • Professional Staff to Assist Buyers

  • Quick Payment Processing

  • Provide Transparent Record of Items Sold


Our Vehicle
Consignment Success

Call us today to sell your car through LL Auctions


Previous Customers


Houston, TX

My friend and I had a great time and we are definitely going to come to another auction. Everything was so organized and people were so friendly and helpful. Your customer service is exceptional.

Thank you so much for your prompt check. We know we made the right choice in choosing your company to handle Arleen's things. It all seemed so efficient and well organized and you are an excellent auctioneer.

Thank you for selling my things on consignment. I was very pleased with the prices of my "stuff". Also thank you for the promptness in sending my check. I'm recommending you to all who need your auction services.


League City, TX


LaGrange, TX


League City, TX

I love this place, we lost all of furniture months back and have been able to get my house furnished again with great quality stuff that I would have not been able to afford new. Very friendly staff, well ran company! Thanks so much for this service!!!

I always use these guys. Very friendly. They remember me by name even when they haven't seen me for awhile. I don't have to preview merchandise because I can trust the description they give. Very transparent when selling your items as well as quick with payment

This is a well run business that provides opportunities to find some really good deals. I have participated in many sales and will keep doing business with LL Auctions. The only hesitation I have about giving it my highest recommendation, is I really don't want someone new bidding against me...


Houston, TX


The Woodlands, TX


Bayview, TX

My husband is not savvy with anything online. He was able to buy some things from L.L. Auctions with ease because of their user friendly web site. He mentioned the owners being very helpful as well. I look forward to finding the next deal with them again!!

If you’re looking for top notch customer service, honest bidding, and more, quality inventory than you can imagine, this is the place for you! Check it out!

The auction I attended had a lot of different items-something for everyone. I love the speed at which they move. My only problem was that I wanted to buy so many things; I just didn't have room for them all.


League City, TX


Sugarland, TX

Have items to sell? Call us today!

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